Meet #3: 10th Annual 1,500m Night

Series Information

2018 marks the 14th year of the Runners' Choice London Distance Series. All meets are sanctioned by Athletics Ontario and hosted by the London Runner Distance Club, with the help of local officials and volunteers. Our goal is to provide well-organized, late evening racing opportunities for distance runners of all abilities: from local competitors to international level qualifiers. Heats will run Slow to Fast, with High Performance sections towards the end of each meet. Organizers will post Performance Lists and Final Schedules at least 24 hours in advance.

Please Note
*Following the 2016 IAAF rule change, 5,000m and 10,000m races will only be conducted as Mixed gender when there are insufficient entries to host separately.
*We strongly encourage athletes and coaches to use recent performances, or reasonable estimates, when submitting seed times.
*Entries will be done online using TrackieReg


General Information

Date: Saturday June 16th, 2018
Location: TD Stadium, 100 Philip Aziz Avenue, London, ON
Sanctioned by: Athletics Ontario
Host Club: London Runner Distance Club

Tentative Schedule
6:40pm Open Men 1,500m Sections 1-5
7:20pm Open Women 1,500m Sections 1-5
8:00pm Open Men 1,500m Sections 6-10
8:35pm Open Women 1,500m Sections 6-10
9:10pm Open Men 1,500m Sections 11-15
9:45pm Open Women 1,500m Sections 11-12

10:00pm HP Women 1,500m Sections 1-2
10:15pm HP Men 1,500m Sections 1-3

Travelling to London? Accommodations are available very close to the track.

Official meet photos by Matt Goodale Photography

Free HP Entries to Previous Section Winners

For the 10th edition of 1,500m Night, we are giving away free HP entries to athletes who meet the following criteria:
1) won their section (HP or Open) at a previous 1,500m Night, from 2011 to present
2) have a 1,500m performance that qualifies them for the 2018 HP section (i.e. seed time policy still applies)
3) contact meet director requesting free HP entry by Sunday, June 4th


Name: Steve Weiler
Phone: (519) 777-6096


Online registration:

Deadline Date Price
Regular 11:59pm Monday, June 11 $20
Late 11:59pm Thursday, June 14 $40

If not registered with Athletics Ontario/Canada, add $2.00 insurance fee.

Athletes that register for 1,500m Night and then run a time faster than their seed can request to have their seed time updated.

Age Categories: All races will be run as Open events

HP Sections & Seed Times:
The cut-off between Open and HP sections is 4:36 (Female) and 3:56 (Male). Open seed times should be 4:36.00/3:56.00 and slower, using real performances or reasonable estimates.

Entry into HP sections requires performances under 4:36 (Female) and 3:56 (Male), including proof of performance, since May 1, 2017. Seeds will be checked automatically online, using the Athletics Canada database and, if necessary, will be checked manually.

Mile conversions will be accepted; please notify the meet director by email if you are using a mile conversion (use Mercier website, linked below).
If using a time from USports rankings, do not use the converted time, use the actual 1,500m performance.

HP Sections - Seed Time Exceptions: In the extraordinary circumstance that an athlete was unable to compete in a 1,500m race since May 1, 2017, but feels they are capable of running under 4:36/3:56, the athlete can 'Mercier' their best performance and add 3-5 seconds as follows:
*3,000m and 5,000m times - convert to 1,500m time and add 3 seconds
*800m and 3,000m Steeplechase - convert to 1,500m time and add 5 seconds

Please notify the meet director by email if you are using a conversion.
Mercier Website:

Waiver: Every participant is required to agree to the online waiver. For athletes under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must do so during online registration.

Request a Song: During registration, all HP 1,500m participants will be asked "What song would you like to hear played during the meet?" Request a song and we will most likely play it during the meet; please do not request inappropriate songs.


2018 awards TBD

Athletes are reminded to always abide by IAAF rule 144. 
Athletes capable of pacing for the High Performance sections, please contact the race director. We pay rabbits for hitting assigned paces in HP races.
Pacers should always be coordinated with the meet director, in part to ensure all participants in a given race have access to the same information.


Canadian clubs entering athletes with performances under 3:50 (M) and/or 4:30 (W) are eligible to have their shared accomodations - suites at Ontario Hall - covered by the London Runner Distance Club. To be eligible for free accommodations, the athletes MUST be registered by June 2nd and coaches must have confirmed details with the meet director, also by June 2nd. Get your inquiries in early: as a limited number of suites can be covered, only the first 4 Canadian athletes per gender (8 total) are guaranteed free accommodations

*performances of sub-3:50 (M) and sub-4:30 (W) since May 1, 2017
*registered and confirmed with meet director by June 2nd
*located at least 3 hours from London

American training groups are welcome to inquire about accommodations as well. 

Eligible athletes will receive:
*1 night accommodations if travelling 3-5 hours to London
*2 nights accommodations if travelling >5 hours to London and 2nd night is requested